Terms and conditions - Store Credit / Friends Referrals

What is Store Credit?

Every-time you buy something from Minha Latina store you will get an invoice for what you spent. From the total amount of that invoice we calculate 5%, and the result is back into your Customer Account as what we call “Store Credit”.

Clau: “Exactly, you will be rewarded for every buy you make!”

Notice: You need to be logged in into your Customer Account to be able to receive Store Credit. If you don’t have an account, you can make one before or on the checkout page. You need the account in order to be awarded the 5% Cashback.

Who is it available for?

This Reward is available for all online store customers to be used for new orders.

How can I use the Store Credit?

  1. From your shopping cart you can select the “Select option to use store Credit” just under “ I agree with the terms and conditions” on your right. If by unforeseen loading errors you cannot see this option just access This Link. Very important: You need to be logged in to your account to be able to use Store Credit and wait for the page to load.
  2. You can send us an email at support@minha-latina.co.uk alternatively just access the online chat and we will transform your Store Credit into a DISCOUNT CODE just for you. You can use this discount code until the amount on it reaches £0.

When do I get my Rewards?

When the order is deemed successful by our payment processing partner, the award is added automatically into your Store Credit account under your Minha Latina customer account. 

Note: You need to have a Customer Account on Minha Latina Store before earning Rewards. 

What if I Cancel, ask for a Refund or Return the Item?

If you cancel the order, ask for a refund or you send the item back the amount you’ve been awarded for that particular order will be taken back in full by Minha Latina. You will not be able to use it.  It is rewarded as it is on order completed non returned / non refunded.

Does the Store Credit have an Expiration Date?

You will get a reminder of when the Store Credit expires. Usually available for 28 days.

Any Interdictions?

  1. Store Credit cannot be used in conjunction with other Promotions or Discount Codes.
  2. Store Credit cannot be used momentarily for Shipment Discounts.

How do I use the Referral System? 

Simply go into your Customer account, copy the referral code, share it with your friends or family.

How do I get Rewarded for the Referral or Referee ?

As soon as your friend/family/acquaintance makes a verified account on Minha Latina by clicking on the link provided by you as a referral, you and your friend will get the specified referral reward simultaneously. 

Note: Needs to be a real verified Person.

We are delighted to have you as a customer and we are here to help you through your journey. If you experience difficulties in using the store please don’t hesitate to contact us on the online chat, by email at: support@minha-latia.co.uk or by phone at our TOLL FREE number 0800 193 0086.

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