Hi & Welcome to Minha Latina!

If you ended up here, you must be looking for some jewellery! Don’t be surprised if we have some. We are a jewellery store after all and we trade under the name of “Minha Latina”.

You might ask yourself why “Minha Latina”? Well, long story short this is how I call my wife sometimes: “Minha Latina” = “My Latina”. In my vocabulary it means exotic, beautiful and all mine. Exactly like our store. Beautiful, shiny, gracious pieces of Sterling 925 Silver carefully made and chosen to be the edge of our brand, that can belong to you. As our customer, you don’t get only a jewellery, you also inherit our story and will be a member of our movement (to be related at a later time).

We are bringing new lines of jewellery from the most exotic parts of the world including our own personalised finest line. We believe in diversity so our stock is limited, changing all the time with the newest trends. 

STAY TUNED: We’ll update our blog regularly with Our Story & our line of jewellery.

We hope you will love and enjoy our products,
Clau & Vio